hello new world

“Hello new world, here we come
On them Twinkie tres, with the hood screaming
“We on our way!”
Can’t forget where I come from
So I extend my hand to my man screaming
“I’m on my way!”
Yes I rap, but best believe
Them things still get wrapped by Papi screaming
“It’s on its way!”
I can’t wait for the next nigga
From my hood to say “Lookout World
I’m on my way!””

Clipse – Hello New World

Take a good look at the header of this page…what a fucking piece of shit. Never rely on a jpeg.

Yeah, I made a blog.

No, it’s not another blog about sneakers or meaningless street fashion, and no, I’m not another lifeless nerd complaining about the world thinking I’m the new Seinfeld.

This is about sharing my interests, culture and knowledge with everyone.

And who still cares to read this things in these days anyway…with so much great porn all over the net (gladly there’s also firefox and tab browsing). So if you are one of those who still care, feel free to get in touch anytime you want.

I’m Emanuel by the way, nice to meet you, whoever you are.


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