Finally last week I got my hands on this release (big up Tofu!), actually it’s the first time I get a vinyl from a Portuguese band, and I tell you, after playing it both sides i felt like I’d been slapped  in the face.

It’s just raw, and that’s what I like about it. It really sounds angry, like the only thing they want is express their disgust for the world, without even caring for the music they’re making. And the the lyrics are so simple, so in-your-face, that you start thinking to yourself “I could write this shit. This is just what I feel sometimes!”

And behind this apparent noisy pissed off attitude there’s really catchy guitar riffs that even get you grooving sometimes, and some clear notions of social criticism. This is one of those records I think will be hated on forever by the majority, but cheered by the ones who relate to it from the roots of their souls. I relate to it, no doubt bout that.



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