Jean Grae

Jean Grae (real name Tsidi Ibrahim) is a hip hop artist. Born in Cape Town, South Africa on November 27, 1976, the daughter of South African jazz musicians (her father and mother are the celebrated musicians Sathima Bea Benjamin and Abdullah Ibrahim), she studied Vocal Performance at the High School of Performing Arts before majoring in Music Business at New York University. Grae later joined a hip hop music group called Natural Resource (…).

Natural Resource dissolved in 1998, after which Ibrahim changed her stage name from What? What? to Jean Grae, a reference to the X-Men character Jean Grey. Under her new moniker, she released her first LPAttack of the Attacking Things—in 2002(…)” @ wikipedia

I started paying attention to Jean Grae when I first heard her on one of Talib Kweli‘s albums. I downloaded her album This Week some months ago, and although it had some good lyrics, the style of production wasn’t as raw as I expected. It was more of a soft and girly album…so it just got forgotten in my mp3 archives.

Last week though, I got the new Brooklyn Academy‘s album, and as soon as I played it this chick’s raw spitting was the first thing that grabbed my attention. This was the Jean Grae that I wanted to hear for so long, mainly because this was the type of beats I knew she could shine on. And even between hard features of rappers like Ill Bill or Killah Priest, I still felt she was the one who brought the feeling and the heavy game.

So check this girl’s work and you won’t be disappointed, she can spit harder than most of those big names we’re all sick of hearing about.  And don’t listen to her trying to find the next Foxy Brown, Lil Kim or any other female rapper that made it to the mainstream, cause Jean keeps it original.

JEAN GRAE MYSPACE (Don’t pay much deal to it though, it is very outdated. Just get her albums and shit).


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