So this morning I got my hands on the brand new Trapped Under Ice and Dirty Money split record, released by Dead & Gone Recs . My first impression was actually bad, cause the release is pretty damn simple and the artwork is a bit lame. I mean, I was expecting something simple, and I like raw style…but not like this.

But yeah it’s just a cover who cares…now about the music: each band delivers 2 tracks, and in both cases the first track is the better one, but still all of them are good material. DM’s second track, called 2007 Was a Bad Year is a memorial one, a goodbye note to friends that passed away, which grabbed my attention as this is a very deep issue to put on a split record…but it finds a connection on the other side of the vinyl, on the track Death Clock Ticking by TUI, also related to the theme of death.

All in all it’s a very decent release, more to the collectors and shit but the quality of the songs make it worth. I can say that these 2 bands are among the very few recent ones that managed to make me a fan, mainly because they took a style already saturated but mixed in a new approach, like on the vocal styles and groovy parts. And specially TUI has song structures that get unpredictable and grab your attention. The lyrics are introspective and honest, and you can relate to them.

Nowadays I can only listen to music that instantly connects to me, that drives my feelings, and these 2 bands, besides all the hype and bullshit that I don’t even care, manage to do it, so if you don’t know them, go check it out.

Oh, and the photos in this post are from FACE THE SHOW, great photography and great people managing the site, check it out also!




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