Over the past 4 or 5 years I became more and more interested in movies. Not that I didn’t watch any flicks before, but let’s just say I went through that whole process from consuming blockbusterd-entertainment-overhyped-bullshit to really being selective, paying attention to detail and trying to understand what makes a good film, what makes it memorable and worth to see countless times again, as far as my opinion goes of course.

Last night, I found one of those good films.
I had high expectations for The Fall since I saw the trailer on Kanye’s blog, and as usual I waited ‘till the DVDrip, and I even tried to watch it over some friend’s house, effortlessly of course, as only by the first 5 minutes without any action stunts or explosions everyone gave up on the movie. I even was asked for my favorite movie just for people to justify my weird choice…lol, sometimes I just love ignorance…it just makes you feel good about yourself…like when I say “well, two of my favs are Sin City and Pulp Fiction” and then the girl says “ahh ok, now I understand…” and I just smile and think “yeah, you just got the world all figured out, you think you kick ass just because you got your college degree and you’re above the average little people…poor you”.
But let’s get back on the important stuff. My expectations were high, and then they fell to the ground, cause the movie really wasn’t all that mind-blowing…but it contained a vision. If you watch it you will notice the effort put on some amazing scenes, with so much color contrast and beautiful landscapes that almost hurt your eyes, but the real core of the movie is the performance of the little girl. It just seems real, like she’s really expressing that child’s innocence that we all lose sometime, that capacity to imagine and always wanting everything to end happy.

The bad thing most people will say is the storyline: it gets confuse, it drags sometimes…then you see something like misplaced scenes or things that should have been cut out…but that’s what’s genius about it. The storyline is mixed between fantasy coming from the minds of two characters who are no more than a child and a desperate suicidal man and the way they interpret reality, it’s a reflection of their psyches. That’s the vision, and then the great photography it’s just used to blow your eyes while distracting your mind…because in the end the movie is just a story, without hidden subliminal messages or morals. It’s just a good movie.




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