See the world…

“Do you want to see the world?
Do you want to see the world?
Do you want to see the world?
In a different way”

The Kooks – See the World

I’ve been doing some thinking in the last couple of months. I’m almost finishing my college degree, some big decisions coming…you know, it’s time to think about things. And since I’ve made this blog, why not publish some thoughts, at least to put some shit on record. Maybe it works as a reminder in the future.

Basically, when after asking myself the same question many times: “what do I want to do with my life right now?”, I ended up with something like what’s on the lyrics by The Kooks.

I want to see the world. It’s an old dream, one I’ve settled as a main goal in life many years ago.

You know how people talk ‘bout “carpe diem”, “seize the day”, “live like each day might be your last”? What a bunch of bullshit. Most of the people who say that stuff don’t take it serious, not even 1% of it. It’s just cool to say stuff like that, it makes you feel good ‘bout yourself, adventurous and shit…but it’s bullshit, you live a boring life and to notice it you just have to look beyond you daily occupations.

Fortunately, I don’t say shit like that, but can say I have looked beyond, specially this summer when I went with the boys on the eurotour…and fuck man…I may go out on the street tomorrow and get hit by a truck filled with acid, I can develop cancer…shit really happens, I know that. And if I just died tomorrow I would say to myself in my deathbed: “stupid fuck, you didn’t get to see nothing but a few cities in a handful of countries…you had the obligation to do more with your time”.

But I’m a lazy bastard. Always have been, I’m only not lazy when I feel motivated ‘bout something. Motivation is my main drive in life, and right now I just feel motivated to leave it all behind.

I wanna travel, experience life in different places, different cultures, really struggle to get a place to stay, food to eat…really live the places, know the persons, the mentalities. I’m sick of getting it everything handed to me, making easy money whenever I need to, sick of looking around and seeing a dead town with nothing left for me…I mean, I’ll love this place till I die, but I just feel the need to find something else…to just leave and not have that safety net all the time. And I think the time is now.

It’s like, I’m 21, the time to do crazy and stupid shit is now. I played it safe most of my life…but after my graduation I need to get real with myself, and really stop being so lazy. Being the normal middle class guy who works his ass for a lousy salary and then meets a nice girl and gets married is not gonna work for me…that’s not my game plan, at least not in my actual state of mind.

Ok, it’s been a long post and I don’t wanna get too dramatic ‘bout this. I still got a lot of unfinished business and work to do, so these are just my thoughts right now…let’s see if I’m crazy enough to get through with it the next year…


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