DIRTY MONEY Live at Ill Blood Fest

This video just got out. I know I already posted ’bout these guys…but I fucking love this band, from the sound to the lyrics. Just watch the video below and tell me if this is not hardcore:

“I’ve forgotton a time,
when I felt any fucking affection,
for anything or anyone, but my own reflection.

I’m a hollow shell of my former self,
an emotional abyss of poor mental health.
Feeling empty, numb and alone.
Everyday I lose a piece of my soul.
But take it day by day, they say, were always by your side.
But how can I trust a fucking word they say as they’re breaking down my mind.

Find me a reason, not to crumble inside to abandon this sedation within which I hide.”

Dirty Money – Hollow Shell (first song on the video)

It just makes so much sense to me…

And they have new merch too, I personally think it’s their worst to date…hope they don’t use that logo many times…but it’s still something I’d wear. So go get it and rep that DM shirt all day!

OH, and watch another Dirty Money video from this show here.




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