Some D&B

Ain’t got time for big posts these days, so today I’ll just do some shameless promotion to a party some mates of mine are organizing at Setúbal. And it’s deserved promotion also, this guys are making an effort and it’s already their 4th party dedicated to D&B. I got mad respect for people who take risks and have a DIY spirit, whatever the style of the music is.

D&B is one of the few styles in electronic music that I really like. It has it’s own flavour and it’s hard shit, not for pussies and hype faggets (*electro*coff*), so come and rock the house on this Saturday, I already threw down a party at this club last week and it’s a great space with nice people.

Oh, and besides their usual acts on the portuguese side, this time they have ERB N DUB from the UK playing too! Didn’t knew the guy but after listening to him on myspace I got convinced.



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