Alpha & Omega

alpha (n): the first; beginning.
omega (n):the last of any series; the end.

In the last few months I noticed I’ve been hearing a lot of hardcore coming from recent bands…not that I don’t care for the old school, but I’ve been leaving classic stuff for hip-hop only. I think it started when I got into the myspace shit…I started discovering some bands that really grabbed my attention and then just kept on listening to more and more newcomers.

Alpha & Omega are one of those bands. Coming from LA, they manage to stand out of the cliche sound on that area and make something not extraordinarily original and fresh, but still good music. If you listen closely, you’ll notice influences by Blacklisted, and even some old school metal…overall it’s a nice mix and all their tracks have a nice flow and don’t get boring.

Here’s a full show of them recorded live on Chain Reaction, August this year:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The video is from NotMTV, a great site I discovered two weeks ago that has a bunch of live shows from a great diversity of bands and styles, all free for watching and downloading. Check it out!



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