Chef Matos presents…”THE ALMOST BURRITO”

Tonight, I give life to a new category on this blog: Cooking. This rubric’s gonna be called “Chef Matos presents…” and you can expect all sort of cooking experiences.

To start off this joint, I bring you The Almost Burrito. It’s basic, like the name says…it’s almost a burrito, but of course I changed the rules and the ingredients to make it a personal feature.

Go grab some coke zero, cause it’s gonna be a long post…

THE ALMOST BURRITO (meal for 2 people)


6 tortillas

150G fresh sliced mushrooms

250G canned sweet corn

300/400G minced meat

6 slices of regular cheese or emmental

4 garlic cloves

half-apple sliced

100G watercress

dried chopped basil


olive oil

powder piri piri (half tablespoon)

black pepper (few)

white pepper (very few)

paprika (1 tablespoon)

aged whisky (2 tablespoons)


For the sauce:

chopped parsley+mayonnaise


yoghurt+ketchup (preferable spicy)

Step 1: Put the album “One Of The Boys” by Katy Perry on repeat.

Step 2: Prepare your ingredients…wash the watercress, put the salt and paprika on the meat, chop the mushrooms and garlic…you know, usual deal…(I cheated on the mushrooms cause I bought them already chopped).

Some of the ingridients

Some of the ingredients

Garlic, corn, just looks healthy doesnt it? Wrong.

Step 3: On a medium frying pan covered with the olive oil and some butter, put the corn, garlic and mushrooms. Add the peppers and a lil’ bit of salt, get some hard fire to it.
Step 4: Right after the previous stuff starts to fry (you’ll notice on the garlic and the corn), add the watercress and lower the heat. You’ll notice the green leaves starting to shrink and the frying pan getting a lot of liquid, no worries, it’s all good.

Here comes...the watercress

Here comes...the watercress

Whisky ruins my life...but adds flavour to my dishes.

Step 5: The latter ingredients. Add the whisky to the mix seconds before throwing the meat on there too. Let it fry and dry the liquid…later add the basil and the piri piri and stir it firmly. Turn off the heat, add the apple slices and mix it a bit.

Step 6: Your mix should look something like the images below. If not…well, maybe you fucked up, maybe not. Taste it and figure out by yourself.

Steamy stuff.

Steamy stuff.

Its done!

It's done!



Step 7: My tortillas were ready-made, so I just had to throw them in the micro-wave for 40 seconds…lazy me. Oh, about the sauce…well just chop parsley into very tinny pieces, mix with the mayonese…or, if you want something healthy (not the case on the picture), fill a cup of natural yoghurt and add a tablespoon of ketchup…it’s basic.

Time to feed the masses.

Time to feed the masses.

Step 8: Eat it all. No leftovers, no shame.

Shout out to my girl Inês, who took the photos and complimented the food.

If someone tries this at home please let me know!

Chef Matos has left the building.


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