Going back to school sucks. I feel like loosing years of life every time I get in my school to have classes..I mean learning is great…but not all knowledge is useful, if you know what I mean.
So this past 2 weeks I only managed to have time for 3 movies, fucked up ratio considering I’m used to watch one or 2 per day. These 3 movies have only 2 things in common: they are all based on non-fiction events, and they all surprised me.

With this in mind, I decided to make 3 quick reviews, just because I liked them all for different reasons and wanted to share some opinions.


This is an half-animated, half-documentary film that portrays the trial that resulted after a series of violent events occurred simultaneously to a Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968.
Yes, I also thought “what a mixture” when I knew about this one, but as I don’t like “children” animated movies, I sometimes research a bit for some animated stuff with content. What shocked me ’bout this film was that, besides the whole riot scenes, the animated script was actually adapted from court transcripts. And man, if you say that America is the land of justice and law…boy you’re so damn wrong. What is portrayed in the animated sequences really stands out as a sign of how fucked up that legal system is.

But anyway, this is clearly a propaganda movie. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good movie, but it it’s one-sided all the way…the good aspect ’bout this one-sided view is that it shows how people were united on that time, how conformism was not rooted in people’s lives…people got out on  the streets, took action trying to change things…and although this happened 40 years ago, it has very actual themes.


This is a very strange movie. It’s very slow-paced…it relies only on 2 characters, and it’s been shot in a very old school style. I actually didn’t like it besides the directing aspect, because the “darkness” of the events is showed in a very simplistic way, the whole psychological spectrum isn’t well explored…but I was really shocked (yes, again) when I knew that the events described in the movie really happened…it made me sick.
Julian Moore stands out in the movie, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way…neither her acting or the whole storyline is consistent, but the directing is. From act to act you feel the tension building up…but the end is too abrupt, and the book this film was based on is probably much better.

I think it is a good movie for people who like to appreciate good directing and stories about fucked up people and fucked up events that really happened.


The first thing I have to say ’bout this movie is: this is one of the reasons why Spielberg will go down in history as the greatest director of all time.

No, the movie is not thaaaat good, and yes it’s “old”…it got lost in my archives ’till some days ago. The thing about this movie is that, not only Spielberg looks at the 2 sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without taking a clear side, but he looks at the bigger picture, and does it in a very clean, well driven way…very smart way.
The movie is filled with violence but still shows humanity in all the characters…after seeing Hulk I lost all my hope in Eric Bana, and here I see this guy doing a great job…showing a great casting choice.

The quality of this film caught me off guard, and I was astonished by realizing that Spielberg still knows how to show excellence in his work after all these years. Great movie to make people think about serious issues.






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