Matei Apostolescu

I try to keep my work as freestyle and fun as possible.” @ Matei Apostolescu – Work

Once again I feature in this blog an artist who surely is not unknown to the ones who keep track with good art, but is undoubtedly talented.

What brought Matei Apostolescu to my attention was not only the diversity of styles and materials in his works, all of them very well oriented in matters of technique and coloring, but also the light spirit present in the way he mixes simple and charismatic pieces in his portfolio. It’s like he’s saying: “well you’ve seen some of the best I can do, so why not relax and take a laugh with this sketch I made just for fun”. That’s the kind of people I like in the art world (if that even exists lol), the ones who don’t take themselves very serious and like to share stuff with people.

Also I love the way he puts subliminal messages in his pieces, playing with the viewer and creating a density of contents and colors that really needs a closer look to really appreciate. Many of his works seem spontaneous, with a very adventurous flow that switches styles sometimes even in the same piece…not that the whole mixing of styles and materials is a fresh new thing, but the way he does it makes it look original and very personal.

Go check his work at his online portfolio (where you can even download some cool wallpapers, totally free) and find out more about him at these 2 interviews: Profile interview from Computer Arts & Featured Artist interview from DepthCore.


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