The Pros & Cons of being a drunk bastard

Busy week again…hate not having time to properly browse the web and find cool stuff…so no goodies on this post, just personal shit again.
Like I said, it’s been a busy week, but not all work…party time has been a constant these last weeks…actually it’s been the only cool stuff about my school (and the whole campus) lately. But partying in my case is always driven by at least one thing: alcohol. And on most of the times, whisky. So as you can imagine, in a normal night out I spend a lot of cash…and I’m not rich, very much the opposite.

This facts have recently led me to start thinking ’bout alcohol in a more “economic” way. I’ve noticed that in a regular month, between weekends and occasional student parties, I spend around 60€ just in booze. It’s fucked up man…it’s almost half of what I get as an income regularly. So, in an economic way, I also started thinking ’bout the pros & cons of drinking, to see if it’s worth the money or not. And I developed something like the list below:

PROS: I’ve became very selective concerning what I drink, so I like the taste of it. It turns me a bit more social in events with larger crowds. It’s a good vehicle to socialization (like making toasts, discovering common tastes with people, etc.). It’s good for the looks, cause with a glass on your hand you don’t look like a pervert just looking out for pussy in a club…and it keeps you from waving around too much when dancing. It frees my soul from time to time…like in a pleasure and mental way.

CONS: It’s expensive. It gets me in trouble (sometimes socially, sometimes streetwise, sometimes just by doing stupid shit). It’s very bad for the health (although I don’t drink on a daily basis). Sometimes I drink just for the sake of it, even if I don’t feel like drinking, so I can say it’s becoming a bit of an addiction. I’m already known for my everlasting hangovers…specially whisky, when I overdose just a bit, it really fucks up my whole next day…so alcohol also makes me waste my time.

This being said, I can clearly deduce I should stop drinking, or at least do it in a very reasonable measure, so I don’t get wasted and throw away so much cash…But in my short 21 years I already discovered that old habits REALLY die harder, and the fact that I actually like and take pleasure from a lot of drinks is a big obstacle.

But ok, I’m gonna try very hard not to waste any money on alchohol this next month (but if I get drinks for free, I’m still gonna drink them lol)…let’s see how it goes.


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