This is the cover for the third studio album by the UK band Bloc Party, one of my best time favorites. The album is being released worldwide this week and I already been hearing it all day.

The band has been pushing the boundaries between rock and electronic music, creating a very deep sound, filled with layers that make each track a rich experience for the ear…I had to hear their first album, Silent Alarm, in something like 3 different players and with different speakers/headphones to really catch all the different environments they created in some tracks.

On this new album they reveal a dichotomy between more rock, guitar oriented tracks, very much in the style of Silent Alarm, and some other electronic tracks, which seem like a development of the style they  started exploring in the album A Weekend in the City. But the electronic style becomes more diverse: in Mercury you’re driven by the beat, and the track becomes strangely danceable…but as you forward to tracks like Biko or Signs, the beat assumes a secondary position and the whole track becomes much more organic, with soft guitar lines and ambiance sounds.

I think Intimacy is a step foward for Bloc Party. A Weekend in the City had some great tracks but it was a poor effort generally, this new record fills the gaps and brings consistency. It has it’s own flow…the difference of styles doesn’t sound awkward, the more heavy and raw guitar riffs fit in the more fast paced tracks and the intense moments in the music are well distributed along the album to make you hear it from the beginning to the end.



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