So again I’m comin’ late with this post…but I couldn’t let this one pass.

Some days ago I was doing my usual round of blog checking and I saw something ’bout Cro-Mags on SuperTouch and was siked…but soon I discovered the news weren’t all that good:

“Earlier this month Hollywood hardcore fans got an incredibly rare treat when, ironically, NIKE SPORTSWEAR presented the official release of “Radio Silence: A Selected Visual History of American Hardcore Music,” at THE MONTALBAN in Hollywood featuring a live performance by none other than the CRO MAGS.” (Read more here).

What? Nike sponsoring book releases and hardcore shows? Fuck no. I love my Nike sneakers, my Nike clothes…and I know a lot of hardcore kids do too. But hardcore is “FROM THE KIDS BY THE KIDS”…we don’t need no major worldwide companies sponsoring events…why couldn’t all those legendary guys just put up the whole thing by themselves? With no Hollywood and Nike Sportswear bullshit…I mean the idea is excellent, having Q&A moments after the show, educating the kids…but why have it associated with a label? Fuck the money.

I feel like hardcore is being rapped day by day…in a few years we gonna have a bunch of trendy little bitchy kids in the shows, who just want to be “alternative”…moshing their best moves just to look cool…and I’m not judging people on their looks, it’s just the reality, I see it already happening. The whole idea of an hardcore show is being ripped apart because now it’s cool to be different. Fuck man, where’s the rawness? Where’s the ripped off t’shirts, the blood…the feeling that there’s nothing more important in that moment than to sing those words and feel that energy?….

Hardcore is not for rich spoiled kids with the desire to fit in something different…it’s for the ones who really are different, who stopped being sheep and started caring ’bout what goes on around them, who got trouble on their lives, really having a hard time just to make a living, who have rage in their hearts and their minds cause they feel the world keeps taking and taking and gives nothing in return…that’s the kind of people that make hardcore, that’s my kind at least.

Ok, got this shit out of my chest…it’s just my opinion anyway…now ’bout the book itself.
It’s a very nice edition, very clean and with a new approach: the fashion tells the history. It seems like an interesting book, and for me the whole visual aspect makes it much more rich in content than just words…cause I already got the American Hardcore book and this one seems to get on a different level.

Will try to buy the book for sure. Get more information ’bout it here!


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