I’ve been wanting to post ’bout this series since ever, but now that I recently started watching season 2, I just felt obligated to do it.

This may surely become my second favorite series of all time (and the first is The Sopranos, so do your math), so it’s difficult to put in words why I think it is so near perfection.

Every episode I watch just feels real, like you’re watching pieces of your own life narrated in a very poetic way that makes you wish you were part of that world, even in the most disturbingly moments. You can really laugh hard with Anwar, feel compassion for Cassie or, in my case, connect in a very strange way with both Sid and Tony’s characters.

It’s teenage life retracted in a very beautiful, almost cinematic, but most of all, real way. The drugs, the promiscuous sex, the infamous parties, the discover of new feelings, even the soundtrack with a bunch of hyped underground artists…it’s all there. I watch this series with a secret desire to be 16/17 again and do all that fucked up shit again, really saying “fuck the world” like I really feel it you know. And it’s not all ’bout teenagers and their complicated lives…it also paints a picture of our own society, full of dysfunctional families, fake morals and a bunch of sad and lonely people who are just failing to their own dreams, day by day.

So to all you faggets who say The OC even deserved the title of “juvenile/teenage series”, please watch Skins and find out for yourselves what “quality” means.  It is so much better than 99% of the crap that goes on in TV, and yes, by “crap” and “TV” I also mean all those cheap entertainment series that everyone watches (*coff*Prison Break*coff*Heroes*coff*).



P.S: I want my own Michelle, but with more brains please. Ahah.


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  1. 1 phomer 8 November, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    SHOW UP!

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