New band I just discovered.

Yeah I know you’re reading and thinking “yeah another mediocre hardcore band” just because of the name, but believe me there’s more to Pull Through than the cliché name and the fact that they’re young kids and have a black vocals without trying to rap on the songs.

Hearing the first two tracks on their myspace I noticed an intentional touch of rock, and it actually sounds good because it doesn’t seems like the guys are trying to hard and going overboard in their style…of course you get the typical breakdown moshing parts, but they have intensity mostly due to the lyrics that go on with them.

Lyrically it’s the same old pissed off hardcore stuff, a bit introspective but with content that I can identify myself with. Although the track “New Song” goes into some religious shit I think which I think it’s bit of a trend now in the States (but just listen to the track ’till the very end and you’ll have a great laugh 😉 ).
Maybe I’m wrong ’bout the trend aspect, but listen to new Cold World album, or even many Blacklisted songs (two of my favorite bands by the way) and you’ll see the topic gets old very fast…it’s like c’mon man, suddenly everybody though ’bout questioning god’s existence at the same time? Don’t buy it.

Watch a video of them below and you can see how they do their thing live. The video also features an audience full of stupid kids doing some kind of new 2 step mixed with 70’s disco or whatever…fucking trendy bitches I suppose, but as none of them must be more than 16 years old I’ll cut them a slack.



1 Response to “PULL THROUGH”

  1. 1 hermano 9 November, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    ahahah odeias os miudos novos que ainda nao sabem dançar!
    video bem cómico, na primeira musica é uma rebaldaria depois ao principio da segunda musica ja esta tudo estatico, por fim la vem uma mosh part e acorda tudo lol
    curti esta banda,adoro o mix de rock e hardcore!

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