I was gonna make a post ’bout Hellboy 2, but than I realized all I had to say ’bout the movie is that it makes up for the first one in matters of sceneries and photography, and bigger action scenes. Guillermo del Toro gives a directing lesson to many of the Marvel blockbuster adaptations, and I think the fans of the comics will love it.

So the real content of this post is another movie: Transsiberian. This movie really restored part of my faith in european productions, not that I’ve been following closely, but I haven’t seen something this good in ages.

The movie supposedly takes place in Siberia (although it was filmed in Lithuania), so at first I thought “too much snow and vodka”, but it proved myself wrong cause it has a good storyline and builds a nice crescendo in terms  of intensity of the scenes. The murder scene really surprised me, not only by the excellent interpretation by Emily Mortimer, who reveals a very deep insight into the character’s probable history of sexual abuse just in that scene, but particularly cause the whole sequence reminded me of Shinning and I’d bet my ass the director was thinking ’bout this movie on that scene. Even the whole movie is very Hitchcock-style, so if you like thrillers you’ll dig this one.

After that scene the whole story changes gears. Everything becomes fast paced and makes you desire for some closure to the whole situation. A very honorable mention goes to Ben Kingsley who proves, if any doubt ever existed, what a great actor he is. Totally credible in is character, which is amazing considering he is British.

Great movie really, with good casting, acceptable character development and very precise directing. Not only makes you think you really are getting a deep perspective into such a strange region as Siberia, but also gets out of  the whole european productions mold in a very intelligent way. Hope to see more films like this one in a near future.



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