“Hydro74 was birthed from the designs of Joshua M. Smith back in 1994. At the time the name wasn’t realized however the beginning was much the same. During college while invest far too much time in the computer lab learning software, rather than seeking a social life, a passion was sparked between man and machine. In the early part of 2000 while working on a project for Endeavor Snowboards, everything began to click and a voice was found within illustration. Between working full time for a small Skateboard company and trying to aquire freelance work many hours were lost to be able to understand fully where Joshua wanted to go, design style wise.” @ About HydroSeventyFour

Hydro74’s work is like daydreaming for any fan of old school hard rock. I know his work since late 2003, but somehow I lost track of his site in my constant computer changes and just remembered ’bout it when I was thinking about a cool artist to feature on this post.

Like I mentioned, Hydro74 manages to update that bad ass rocker/tattoo style to modern illustration, with some very clever designs and a very large and diverse collection of artworks. Some may say he uses too much skulls and snakes, which are almost a cliché on some concepts, but as I come from an hardcore background I think they always look good. And if you check for his prints or type treatments you’ll notice he can shift styles between minimal, urban or dirty looking stuff.
But it’s on illustration that his skills really stand out. I remember downloading some of his old illustrations when he still had documents up for the taking on his website, and his vectorial shapes seemed flawless to me at the time. The mechanical gorilla was insane, it still is.

Great designer with a very tight and clean style, watch out for his work and I’m sure you’ll recognize it on various brands and platforms.



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