Planet B-Boy

So last night I sat down to watch what I thought was a small DIY documentary ’bout B-Boys and I ended up with a very pleasant surprise.

Planet B-Boy gives a very deep insight into the B-Boy culture, taking us to the homes of some of the major international crews, while they all prepare for the biggest competition of the genre: Battle of the Year.
What I particularly liked ’bout this flick is that it explains b-boy history in something like 5 minutes and then goes on tho explore the context of actual b-boying in the four corners of the world.

You don’t learn stuff only ’bout b-boys or hip-hop in general…you get a taste of different cultures, different realities and the struggle to make a living out of something you love. You get to see how dancing helps to deal with feelings of lost ones, how it is a way to make social work within your community, how it can be used to gain attention to your country’s political state…It’s contagious man, from the second you see the old school guys talking ’bout how they became dancers and you see that bright in their eyes and the passionate way they talk ’bout b-boying, you get inspired to become part of the scene. Really.

And then it shows the competition aspect, all the tensions and the big deal it is for the guys to be representing their country in something so important for them. Still I think the footage of the Battle of the Year could have been more prepared and show more on each routine. I know this would make the documentary endless, but I wanted to see more and more moves by each team (I didn’t get the whole big deal ’bout the Japanese crew show, I think their performance scenes were not well chosen to represent the prize they got).

And then lastly you get the message: it’s not the competition, it’s the experience. You see the guys just chilling, trading impressions, trading cultures, knowledge…the whole social spectrum helps to show the viewer that there’s more to b-boying than just a crazy dance and awesome moves. No matter colors, races or nationalities, they all come together as a representation of a culture.

Overall I got shocked by the quality of the documentary, not only they showed a nice research of extensive footage but they managed to go to all these diverse places and show b-boying in a different way.
Finally something that gives b-boys they deserved respect. This is the restless youth at their best, working with objectives and showing the world that they can assimilate the style, make it mainstream and sell it on a pretty package, but they can never break the culture and the real ones.





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