Lisboa Mistura 2008

I discovered this 2-day multicultural event right on it’s last day (yesterday). Gladly no one had a plan for the evening, so me and the boys decided to give it a try.
I was only into seeing DJ Ride and Macacos do Chinês (MDC), the only artists I knew…little did I know I was in to some wild, diverse, and above all pleasureful evening across sounds from 3 different continents.

The concept of Lisboa Mistura takes place in a uncommon place: a theater (the ones you go to see movies). When we got there MDC were already playing and the room was almost surprisingly full. I didn’t know much ’bout these guys, so I was caught off guard when I saw a young guy playing portuguese guitar on stage. And he was a master at it.
MDC gave an amazing show, their sound is one of the most original stuff I’ve heard in ages…you get oriental sonorities mixed with both portuguese and electric guitars, traditional songs restructured with heavy bass lines and incisive synthesizers, and to complete the package they have clever lyrics spit at an unusual fast pace…it’s something beyond Hip-Hop, but it’s more heavy than half the rap bullshit out there.

The high moment of the show was the track with Buraka Som Sistema, when they managed to get everyone in the audience off the chairs to dance what some might call electronic kuduro, but I prefer to refer to it as a crazy dance track. Unfortunately, Conductor was not in the room to spit his lines, but the mood was good.

Almost immediately after, DJ Ride started his set on the lounge area of São Jorge Theater. Drinking an ice cold Coke Zero I recognized some jazz classics with some scratching and mixing…not what I was expecting, but by the time we got up again from the bar table to grab some glasses of wine, Ride was already mixing Hip-Hop with whatever you can think of.
More and more people gathered around his improvised stage and the party was on by the time we was putting on Justin Timberlake’s “My Love” on background to some mixes…I got hyped when I heard Kid Sister in the set…great choice.
Then the sound started getting heavy. Some dubstep with hard bass lines and synths..everyone banging heads and dancing…but Ride was running against the clock, and the set had to break down as scheduled because there was another show starting. Too bad, but it was enough to get me willing to go to another of his shows in a near future.

Then the whole thing went bananas. Chinese lion dances, kung-fu…the whole audience going up and down through the stairs of the theater…and some African very rhythmic songs played only by some ladies (and mister) with boxes and pillows…but it was great really.

It was a rich experience, very cheap (3€ for the whole day), and we didn’t even stay ’till the end of the whole thing…there were still Russian, Brazilian or Indian artists coming up we didn’t see.
So much different cultures in the same place, showing how humans can enjoy things out of their usual spectrum…I mean I was looking around and seeing street corner kids head banging to African chantings, rastafarians diggin’ some kung-fu and middle-aged people enjoying RIde’s set (at least the jazzy part ahah)…it made me realize it’s just stupid to think of modern societies without including the multicultural aspect, the diversity of people coming from other countries with so much beautiful things to share…and even when you think you don’t like your own traditions you hear guys like MDC using portuguese guitar in their songs and you get astonished like I was.

Sometimes mixing different things produces a great outcome. Keep your eyes open for different stuff fellas, you might enjoy them.





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