My first AF1’s

N.W.A once said: “Fuck tha police”.
After spending more than 3 hours sleeping on a car to avoid police road blocks,  I say: word up. What a nightmare.

Anyhow, things have been weird. I’m becoming accustomed to not getting drunk every night out, trying to keep on with a good sleep schedule and losing my faith on humanity day by day…well the last one is not weird at all.

Now, ’bout the content of the post, my first Nike AF1’s.
I don’t consider myself a sneaker head…I know my share of the whole culture, I’m interested in it, but I don’t even own more than 20 pairs of sneakers, and I don’t go for the limited editions. If I had tons of money I’d do it, but I just buy what I like when I can. And I like Dunks…it’s my favorite model, the perfect one for my feet.
Nevertheless, it’s Christmas and shit so it’s time to rob the mama’s wallet…so I went for the AF1’s for the first time…if it was my money I probably would have went for the classic mid white on white or just some Dunk High top, but I wanted something more low profile to fit a special occasion.

So I ended up buying the “Dark Army/Bird’s Nest” Nike Air Force 1 Premium. I discovered that AF1’s are actually very comfortable and empowering…you feel confident wearing a piece of history, you know anyone with a tiny bit o street knowledge is gonna recognize the model…it’s curious when a piece of fashion just reaches a status culture wise when it has the hability to give you a good vibe, to make you feel different wearing it.

Below there’s a picture of the pair. And yes, this was also my first official fashion post. But don’t worry, this blog ain’t gonna turn into a sneaker blog, I’ll leave that to the experts.


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