It’s the hard knock life

“It’s the hard knock life, for us
It’s the hard knock life, for us!!
Steada treated, we get tricked
Steada kisses, we get kicked”

Today I went to a real hood. The kind of hood an average person is afraid to even mention, the kind of place where you have to put steel bars on the windows if you don’t want you establishment robbed, the kind of place that makes you think about life.

I went to talk to a young man named Paulo and ask him ’bout his life, ’bout his hood, ’bout what’s wrong and what could be done to make things better.
He had no answers. He seemed lost, you couldn’t find expressions of passion or hope on his face. His universe is resumed to finishing basic high school, playing football and standing on the corners, watching time pass by with his homies. He doesn’t have e-mail and he only uses internet when he can, at school.

His reality reminded me of one of those skinny boys in Africa, cause he knew no better, he was just struggling to get by…but this was a boy living a few kilometers from my own school. Then I asked myself “what if that boy was me?”

When you live in the hood, all you see is the hood.
Knowledge reigns supreme, it’s true, but when you don’t have access to real knowledge, when all they teach you in school is stuff that has no use when you get back home and your mother is crying because she just lost her job and there’s barely no food to put on the table, where do you turn to? How do you make it out the hood when the world is just unfair to you from the beginning?

Just some thoughts as usual…
Don’t take things from granted, and don’t give too much importance to the stuff money can buy, because when it comes down to life and death, it doesn’t mean shit. That’s all I can say.


1 Response to “It’s the hard knock life”

  1. 1 Lúcia 18 December, 2008 at 7:23 pm

    Ya, é incrível como nos deparamos com realidades tão diferentes das nossas tão perto… Eu tenho uma amiga que mora perto de mim, num apartamento, normal, é ela mais uma carrada de irmãos, a mãe foi para Angola para poder ganhar mais um dinheirinho, mas ela contava que bifes de vaca lá em casa era quando o rei fazia anos… Bifes com cogumelos e natas era em dias de festa.. Compra sempre que pode em promoções, comem sopa muitas vezes, pão… É impressionante as coisas tão pequenas que para nós são tão normais e para algumas famílias são consideradas luxos! Bom post 😉

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