Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I think this was the first Woody Allen film I’ve ever seen. And I had a nice surprise, really.

This movie was one of those cases of pure curiosity derived from the trailer…it seemed to have the right actors, a strange mystic around the plot and good sceneries. And it was exactly that.
Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a romance ’bout two friends, a summer in the city of Barcelona and a passionate spanish painter played by Javier Bardem. It may be considered a chick flick by most, even a bit boring if you’re not that much into that “pursuit of love” thematic…but it has it’s own mood, charm and really intense moments of great acting that swallow you into the story.

Woody Allen managed to capture that latin passionate behavior by casting two great spanish actors that really do things in a true manner (and you’ll only understand this if you are portuguese, spanish or have a hispanic background, specially when you see the fighting scenes between the couple…the whole screaming and grabbing stuff is so typical ahah), and at the same time you see his muse, Scarlett Johansson, doing a very decent job, which is more that just looking absolutely beautiful on every scene. The narrative style adopted to tell the story is also nice, cause it makes you feel like you’re reading a book and it fulfills the time gaps with subtlety.
The photography is also delightful to watch and the soundtrack is superb, to the point of having me googling to find the tracks on the film.

Overall it’s a good movie, recommend to see with a girl. It makes you think ’bout the random opportunities that life offers you sometimes and ’bout the ways in which one can enjoy some moments. As for me, I’d love to live something like that over a summer…at least it would give a good movie story ahah.



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