Pride and Glory

When I watched the trailer for this movie, my obvious thought was “wait a minute…I’ve seen this”. And to a certain matter, it’s true. We all have seen this movie before…good cop, crooked cop, part of the same family…police drama all the way.

We Own the Night
just did this story recently…the posters for both movies are even very identical…the name of the film is also cliché…I mean this movie transpired obviousness and lacking creativity.
But I trusted my gut cause I usually go for movies with Edward Norton (even Hulk 2 was a good surprise), and Colin Farrell also seems to be choosing his projects carefully these days (In Bruges was one of my last year’s favorites), so I went for it. The download I mean.

And guess what? The movie is actually very good. It’s gritty, realistic and has good character development. The main characters actually feel like people going through different emotions, and everything is not delivered on a black and white plates with connotations of moral and justice on each side of the table.
You see the bad cops doing the bad things, but you understand some of their pain and the burden they carry by knowing they are now part of the scum they were supposed to be fighting. Norton’s character contributes a lot to this view because you watch a man trying to redeem himself from having done the wrong thing in the past to protect his own.

So the movie gains in human dimension brought by the actors, and by giving an inside look to american institutions, where everyone tries to cover everyone’s back with a false sense of loyalty above ethics, it actually rises a tiny bit above the usual cop drama in this aspect. This is the rotten system that needs to be shown to people in order to change mentalities.

But this movie has flaws, big ones. Besides the recycled plot which was almost inevitable, the last 10 minutes just ruin most of the tensions and good questions the story had been raising. The bar fight sequence and the street justice moment in the end were completely unnecessary. Again Hollywood delivers an happy ending with an empty sense of justice served.

Oh and by the way, the directing is also a good aspect I forgot to mention. Liked the POV camera moments, they also contributed to the humanity that you feel throughout the film.

If you like the genre and felt like We Own the Night was lacking something, go watch this one and discover what it was.



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