A couple of days ago my friend Maria introduced me to this site. I love this kind of sites where you get all this diverse content and your jaw just drops flat when you start to notice the overall quality of everything that’s presented.

Designers are really great minds, and I think they are generally underrated…talent needs recognition. It’s one of the best motivators.
I mean, who many names do you know?
Do you know who designed your phone, that one you bought just cause it looked flawless and fitted to your style? Do you know who designed that cute cup which was the actual reason for you to start going to your favorite café in the first place? Design is everywhere and people don’t even notice it (and maybe that’s good in a way).

This site really promotes design in it’s various forms. From the simplest household piece to the motorbike or the skateboard deck.
Instant bookmark for sure.



1 Response to “NOTCOT.ORG”

  1. 1 Angela 29 January, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Muito bom site. Favoritos.

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