This post should be written in portuguese, but I’m committed to this english thing here…hope some of my foreign visitors find the information useful anyway.

Tonight my friend Bruno (maybe you already know him by Vynn, his hip-hop alter-ego, or by his band Steal Your Crown) published part of the first official episode from the documentary he’s directing, called “RUMO AO NÚCLEO DURO”, on the new blog he created for the project.

This documentary, totally DIY, started somehow as a personal mission to show the hardcore reality in Portugal. From what’s visible on this first part of Episode 1, it’s being done on a personal level, with interviews and footage from shows over the years, but it’s also showing a very plural and humble perspective on the portuguese hardcore scene.

My first impressions ’bout this one are very good. Although not perfect on a technical level, it’s perfect on a level that only the ones who truly understand this thing of ours can appreciate.
This documentary shows the commitment and the honesty that everyone should be giving back to hardcore over the years…I’m used to seeing kids come and go, leeching all the knowledge and life experience hardcore gives and never giving anything back. Fuck that. This is the proof that you can give back in many ways, if you think for yourself.

It’s the 21st century man, you can do so much stuff behind a computer…if you don’t know how to play an instrument, don’t wanna get into a band, why not do something like this?
If you own a digital camera, record shows with it…you’re not gonna get robbed, this is hardcore! And if you took photos from shows, share them with everyone. Even if you ain’t a professional no one is gonna care ’bout that.
If you handle photoshop or similar software, get in touch with the bookers, do flyers for shows…do shirt designs for the bands…fuck man, if you know how to use word or notepad you can even start a zine or webzine from your computer!

I’ve done all of this myself, all of the examples I just mentioned, and never asked for shit, cause most of all it gives you life experience, it’s a way to be creative and give back to the scene…it keeps you in touch with people that have the same passions you do.

Be creative, be open-minded, DIY people.

Congratulations Bruno, for the courage and the dedication to do something like this. Hope the documentary grows into many more episodes.



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