There are two things I envy ’bout Miguel, my new interviewee: he reads a lot and he travels a lot.
Knowing this, it’s easy to understand why his blog is made of short statements and “fast” reviews, but still covers a lot of issues, from art to fashion, from music to cinema, from literature to photography.

Anagrama Orgânico seems to reveal different layers from the same person. It never goes too deep into the contents (maybe leaving the reader the option to lookout for more info), but somehow shows that Miguel knows what he’s talking ’bout…always discussing content rather than form.
The thing that first got my attention on the blog is that he actually writes ’bout stuff he didn’t like with very incisive opinions, that’s something you don’t usually read in the blogging world and it takes someone with a very solid background to do. This interview was in fact my way to get to know more of his background.

Go grab a black tea so you don’t miss out a word, cause believe me, the text is long but worthy.  And if you’re already looking at the size of this post thinking “hell no, it’s too big”, then fuck you. Ignorance is bliss my ass.
Here I present you the words and thoughts of Miguel, the blogger from Anagrama Orgânico:

Why Organic Anagram? What does it mean?
M: Organic Anagram is a concept I heard from Meshuggah, not sure where they got it from. In one of their lyrics, it goes “I’m a carnal organic anagram, human flesh instead of written letters”. It is somehow connected to that concept that everybody is born as a blank canvas, ready to be influenced and shaped by his or her surroundings.
The intricate and complex power of the human mind fascinates me, as not all is organic, there are also psychological issues that we have no control over. Short answer would be: My interests go beyond the ordinary, so my mind is the conjugation of all that.

What’s the latest objective you’ve accomplished? (personal, professional, whatever)
I am always happy and glad of the things I do and that happen to me, however, I always want more.
I only live for three goals in life, and everything I do is either to keep me busy or to put me closer to those goals. I can tell you that my graduation last summer was something remarkable. I’m a kid from the middle of nowhere, we were told in school that we were shit and there is no way that we could ever achieve anything, almost on a weekly basis, so to be in Westminster with people clapping to your achievements in a university was unreal. It involved unreasonable sacrifices throughout the years and to have my family around on that day was fantastic. It was a good sense of achievement.
I didn’t join the “establishment” because of that, but to make my way around it and overcome everything, in a class I don’t belong to, made me happy. In the end my father approached me and he said “congratulations, but I am sure only you know how much it took you to get here”. I was like “true, you are right, thanks, I just did what I thought was correct.”

Best restaurant you ever ate on?
I hate food. I do not understand how can people waste two or more hours daily, cooking and eating, it’s such a waste of time. Plus, I tend to get fat if I eat, so I can be one week straight, eating only one normal meal.
Same goes for sleeping, I hate the wasted hours, and if there were pills to regulate your sleeping and eating condition, I would eat them all the time and do more productive stuff.
However, my mom and grandmother are incredibly good cooks, seriously, so talented. The best meals I had were on the first time I went to S. Francisco, there was a reception at the City Hall where I spent 3 hours eating sushi, no joke, and a few days later the biggest steak on earth, in a cosy velvet room.

It’s Sunday and there’s nothing to do, any original idea?
M: Sundays suck. I despise them. In Portugal what could you do on Sundays? You wake up at 1pm, all tired, you don’t do anything and then you watch TV at night.
Nowadays I write on Sundays, and when summer comes, I go to the parks around my area, either to read lying in the grass, play football or just see people having fun. I learned with the English culture to enjoy them a bit more, but I still have the “scars” haha.

Your favorite band.
M: Meshuggah. Darkthrone, Wu-Tang, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Carcass, Mobb Deep, Converge, Brujeria and Burzum all deserve mentions, but if it goes down to one, the Swedish audio deviant reigns over all. That is what I consider to be great, groundbreaking bands that do more than just music, it’s the entire way they portray themselves. I am also connected to the BFLBU beatdown scene, so part of my heart is with those bands.

We share some common musical interests, like hardcore or Wu-Tang, but you took your inspiration to different levels, with your project Organic Anagram. Is it something you take seriously, or do you consider it more like a manifestation of random creative intentions? How did this project emerge and developed itself?
M: It suits me. I do whatever I want, whenever I want. Labels ask me for stuff, so far I’ve released by three insanely good and hardworking netlabels, MiMi, Enough and Test Tube.
I was living alone in South London, a bad period in my life, all my friends were gone, I was discovering so many things by myself, gabba, breakcore, proper noise music and everything else, so I was like “I want to be a part of this, I believe I can do something”. One day, after I posted my first track on a message board, the people at Enough Records were excited about it and asked me to record more.
I don’t take it seriously. I am so grateful that people message me saying that they love what I release; I don’t take it for granted. I’ve met wonderful people because of it and they are the ones that move it forward, by playing my songs on DJ sets, by playing it on radio, by promoting it to their friends, inviting me to play, asking me for merch, designing prints, flyers, etc. I am really lucky in regards to that.
It developed by being true to myself. I recorded noise, black metal, breakcore, acoustic stuff, drum n bass, dubstep. It is what I want to do at the time, no rules.
Yesterday I went to order the Organic Anagram prints, they are high quality, watercolour stuff, require a decent frame and is a really nice item. If anyone reading would like to have one, contact me [you have his contacts on the end of this interview] and I’ll hook you up!

Name three timeless books that are absolutely essentials on any shelf.
M: I am obsessed by literature, so that is an ungrateful question. But I would say that people should read “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” by Tolstoy, an incredible piece of literature, the human condition condensed in 100 pages, “The Unnameable” by Beckett, which is my favourite book, however you need a strong literary background to understand it, and “Diários” by God Torga, everything you need to know about Portugal is there.
I am leaving so many brilliant human beings like Sandor Marai, Robert Musil, Eça, Camilo Castelo Branco, Pessoa, etc. out and I feel like an idiot.

What brought you to the blogging world?
When I broke up with an ex-girlfriend, I started watching Ingmar Bergman movies obsessively and I wanted to write about it. It is useful, because I can remember my opinions on what I read and watch. I put some useful links too; it helps me to remember them.
It is also good to share and meet new people through this. I am a “lone soldier” however, I don’t get into fights or take part in the jealousy movements that spawn through the blogosphere, and the fact that I make no political comments leaves me safe in my bubble. My world is about art, not society. Aside from my own, I also write in a literature blog called Orgia Literária.

Do you agree that nowadays blogs assume a standout position as means of communication/expression, or are they just another tool, that suddenly suffered a hype powered by the growth of Internet accessibility?
M: They are helpful, but also stupid. I do not care about people that write about their day on blogs.
See, the people I admire, Groucho Marx, Samuel Beckett, Bergman, Buñuel, Torga, Magritte, João César Monteiro, António Silva, they are all dead. I would like to know about what they do (and even then I bet I’d be disappointed), but not a 20-year-old retard from the middle of nowhere.
In Portugal it is a good way to communicate, even though people take it seriously and you see so many politicians trying to make a career out of blogs. You have them quoted in Visão, Sábado, Público and other forms of media. That is stupid. Blogging is restricted to this virtual world, people should engage in discussions and share ideas, but not promote their careers in the “real” world. I also love streetwear blogs, they are incredibly helpful. I read a few political, some about communication and others that are made by people like me, that share their interests on the internet. Some people are afraid to post their thoughts on what they want to divulge, if I wanted to see photographs I would look at Diane Arbus, what I am interested in blogs is the perspective of the writer, so everybody please make an effort to write some bits.

What drives you in life? (legs or means of transportation not accepted as an answer)
M: My family, my friends all over the world, music, I am still obsessed with music, art, mainly surrealism and the Italian Masters, philosophy, I used to hate it, but it was probably the most defining thing that shaped my attitude and thinking processes. It really is the cult of good living and it is always challenging to read the old classics.
I love Arsenal, juices, literature and libraries. I buy a lot of magazines, mainly fashion, design, art and streetwear stuff. Supermodernism, skateboarding, vinyl toys, records, Zelda, Lord of the Rings, American gangs, photography. I love maps, I grew up obsessed with flags and geography for no reason. I am a history nerd, be it World War 2, the feudal age, whatever.
I have an irrational interest in Norse mythology and the Nordic culture. I feel at home there, I am learning Norwegian now. All the folk, pagan stuff about Norway makes me so excited, that was the prime of civilization. The role the women had in their society, the fact that they went to America more than 14 centuries ago, their organization when attacking anything, they were unbelievable. They stroke with deadly force, but at the same time they also changed their plans on the way to the battlefield. They obeyed to no one and reigned supreme. Let me also mention that Portuguese history is unbelievably rich, if it wasn’t for our small size, we would be revered all over the world now, it’s a shame that we are ignored.
I am Straight edge since the night I turned 16. Nintendo, True Norwegian Black Metal and underground rap from the 90’s. Cinema too. Even though I never discuss about it, I have no interest in X Men or Spider Man, but give me silent D.W. Griffith movie and I’m lost in amazement.
Music then again, death metal, grindcore, dubtep, drum n bass, jazz, old country and bluegrass, pop, hip hop and so on. I have an encyclopedic knowledge about music, to me it is natural, what I find strange is how people can be happy listening to Franz Ferdinand or U2, their lives must be so sad.
I am lucky that somehow I developed my brain to acknowledge information extremely fast, so I have to keep busy with different interests. My friends say that they don’t understand how can I cope with so much, but I am extremely organized to the point that I have OCD [Obsessive-compulsive disorder], and I was once tested because of my ability to read fast, I scored 2 thirds faster than any other person, so that gives me an advantage when processing information (along with an impatience for other mundane things unfortunately).

Feel free to express yourself, last thoughts or whatever:
M: Let me just say that I am grateful that you made the effort to ask this. Sorry if I gave extended answers, but I am not one of those “I don’t know what to say” guys. I actually have stuff to say and I don’t mind throwing some personal stories in the middle.
Live and let live, help the others whenever you can. Exceed yourselves and the world could be a much more coloured place if it wasn’t for the mankind. We are so fucking dumb.
QUINTA DAS LAMEIRAS represent (!), London beatdown family, all my friends over the world and obviously my boys and girls holding it down in Portugal. I would have preferred that this was done in Portuguese, não há lingua mais bonita que a nossa. Obrigado.

Miguel. contact me, I’m always down to talk.



4 Responses to “ANAGRAMA ORGÂNICO”

  1. 1 vanessa 23 February, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    muito bom,adorei ler.e vou começar a ter mais atençao a este blog 🙂

  2. 2 Anagrama Orgânico 23 February, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    Obrigado a quem se interessou por ler e principalmente a ti.

  3. 3 Angela 26 February, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    boa entrevista.

  4. 4 Limpa Vias 29 April, 2009 at 11:48 am

    Quase sinto vergonha de só agora ter descoberto esta entrevista! High Quality mesmo!! Das melhores cenas que tive oportunidade de ver por aqui!!

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