Tyler Stout

Some artists make me remember why I fell in love with illustration in the first time. Tyler Stout is one of those artists.

Tyler’s work as an illustrator captured my attention when I spotted the artwork from the last Flight of the Conchords album (check it here). My thoughts about it were like “hey, this is nice…but I’m not sure if the artist is letting it all out…love the style though”, and I wrote the illustrator’s name on a post-it that got lost somewhere in the jungle of my room.

Then weeks later I was browsing NOTCOT.ORG and again I spotted the poster I put up on top of this post and I was dazzled. Robocop is one of my child memories heroes…I think the first 2 movies are actually the responsibles for my obsession with the “revengeful comeback of the underdog killing all the bad people from the past” thematic, so this poster just blew my mind away.
I just felt the urge to buy it, but it’s sold out already and Stout informs on his site that he doesn’t do reprints. Bummer.

And if the Robocop poster wasn’t enough, later browsing through his site I found another personal favorite:

It was too much for my heart, seriously. Notice how he keeps it simple, with a slight over dosage on the trace lines and a very smart contrast on the colors, smart enough no to let them steal your attention from the real focus: the drawing of the main characters. It has that old school vibe and still manages to lightly capture the futuristic graphics of the movie.

I was waiting for an artist like Tyler Stout to make my comeback on the art and design posts…so here you have, major skills and great ideas, with diversity on his work, like all the artists I admire. He even does small toys, very funny stuff, perfect to offer on a birthday or impress a girl.

Check his site, check the store, and support if you like it…all the prints are something from outer space. Oh and check the “Friends” links…lots of other good artists there.



1 Response to “Tyler Stout”

  1. 1 vanessa 26 February, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    nao conhecia, mas tem um trabalho muito nice!*

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