One thing I love ’bout hardcore is the sense of community. When I go to a show I feel like I have something in common with most of the kids there, and it’s easy to communicate with everyone cause we all kinda have that common ground we call the “scene”.
The same thing happened to me when I discovered NOWHERE FAST, the blog from Nick, this week’s interviewee. It had videos from some of my favorite bands and personal stuff I could somehow relate to, cause it had part of that common ground, even if we stand on opposite sides of the Atlantic…so I imported some of his videos to here and became a regular reader.

Two weeks ago I decided to give some credit back to Nick and interview him, and in matter of 2 or 3 mails it was arranged and I had my first international interview with a guy from the USA. How cool is that?
It can only be explained by the community aspect I mentioned…people communicating and making networks of contacts based on this single thing called hardcore, opening doors rather than ignoring you like the rest of the world…how can you not love to be a part of this!

So enough with introductions, here you have the words and thoughts of Nick, the blogger from NOWHERE FAST:

Sky-diving, would you do it?
N: Hell yeah. I bungee jumped 3 times and it was the scariest shit ever. I feel like jumping out of a plane is like the hardest thing you can do.

What’s the latest objective you’ve accomplished? (personal, professional, whatever)
N: Dropping out of school. It was such a big move and it put everything into perspective. Now I can really put my time and energy into doing what I actually want to do, and have some fun. Also, I wanna tour as much as possible, and dropping out helped a lot with this.

How did you first get into hardcore?
N: I’ve been into punk rock since I was 11, and I guess it just progressed from there. My first show was a Terror/Comeback Kid/MLIW show. Needless to say, the show was packed, so I headwalked like a billion times until I fell down head first and blacked out. I saw a bunch of people leave in ambulances that night, and it scared the shit out of me and I fell in love with it.

How did you come up with the idea for the blog? Was it always intended to have so much footage from shows, or was it more like a personal thing that mutated into that?
N: Actually, the blog is just a way to keep people updated on the other stuff I’m doing. Nowhere Fast is eventually going to be a clothing line, and all the filming I am doing is for a full-length documentary I’m making on hardcore. I want to have a variety of content, and I want to keep the content exclusive to my site. This works better when its more personal and I play some role in it.

Best restaurant you ever ate at?
N: Taco Bell. There was one week that I went at least once a day and got a chicken crunchwrap. It makes me fart so much but it’s well worth it.

Your site presents contents on a very personal and simple way, yet there’s always new stuff coming up, like the recent videos from the Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money tour…how did you ended up on that tour with the guys?
N: I like to keep the site fairly personal because I feel like people can hopefully relate to it better and it lets the readers follow a progression of events that are all related, rather than have shit thrown at them from all directions.
As for the TUI tour, thats all on them. I interviewed them for my film and blog, and they were cool enough to help me out and take me on the road. I believe this is what hardcore, and community, is about. Those dudes showed me so much love after only meeting them a few times. It opened up a lot of doors for me, and I’m really grateful for that.

It’s Sunday and there’s nothing to do, any original idea?
N: Hang with my girl, go to a show, do something fun. Not all that original, but it never gets old.

Your favorite band.
N: Can’t say… There is too much good music out there. I’ve been listening to a lot of MF Doom recently. I love that he has 7 aliases, wears a mask, and uses really sick samples and breaks.

Do you read other blogs? If so, name 2 or 3 links that are regulars on your net browser.
N: Lifers – These guys do a great blog and print zine from Canada. Good dudes as well.
Also, I love taking photos and writing about my life, and I love checking out other people’s photos and stories, especially if they are my friends. Here are two:
Zac Wolf –
Jaykon Blog –

What are your thoughts on Obama. Is he really gonna make any difference?
N: To tell you the truth, I really don’t know shit about my country and its government. Most of the people reading this in Portugal probably know more than me. But the fact that he got tons people to get out and vote shows he’s already making a difference… And who’s to say he can’t keep it up?

Feel free to express yourself, last thoughts or whatever:
N: Thanks to Emanuel for this interview. Its cool that kids in Portugal are checking out what I’m doing and not doing with my life. Shirts coming soon, and the film is coming not too soon, but should be good nonetheless.


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  1. 1 vanessa 3 March, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    estas tao internacional 😉

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