Should Art Be Treated Like Stocks?

“As an investment, art should be treated no different than a stock. Investments go up and down. Why shouldn’t art? On the flip side – If you buy art not as an investment but because you love it, why should it matter to you if the price comes down? You bought it because you loved it, not because of it’s value.” @ Wooster Collective: Should Art Be Treated Like Stocks?

Last night, a small title held my attention while I was checking my mailbox. Wooster Collective published this article and I really find it an interesting point of discussion, considering the actual state of things.

The closest thing I collect to art are my vinyl records, and even for those I only pay what I consider a  “fair price” and I don’t get trapped in stupid ebay auctions for special editions, rare colored versions, test presses or whatever…but I’d like to collect art one day when I have the funds to, so this article got me thinking for a minute…

For me right now it’s fucked up how everything is seen on a financial and capitalist perspective. When you think of art as an “investment” does it mean you’re only buying stuff to later sell it at a higher price? I can’t seem to understand such thing, I’d buy a piece of art to be able to look at it everyday and feel good, to be able to appreciate an artist geniality on my own time and place, to feel inspired from it on a daily basis, nothing else.


1 Response to “Should Art Be Treated Like Stocks?”

  1. 1 Anagrama Orgânico 15 March, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    Percebo bem o que eles dizem. Tenho algumas coisas entre vinys, livros e prints, que vendidos rendiam uns milhares, e há coisas que tenho repetidas como moeda de troca para coisas futuras, porque aquilo ali nunca vai perder valor. É investimento, ainda que em pequena escala, mas é um investimento seguro, porque não vai perder o valor.

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