What is Graphic Design For?

Para que serve o design grá‡fico PORT

I finally finished my first complete big reading ’bout graphic design…why finally? Well cause first it took me like 6 months to read this book, and second I still have a whole shelf full of other books on the topic waiting in line.

The title may sound lame if you’re studying the area, some of you may even know it and find it a beginners book…but I think I got some precious knowledge from it.
What is Graphic Design For? tries to approach the many variations of graphic design in a very synthetic way, always giving examples of artists and their works, while at the same time making a general reflexion on the role of designers in modernity. The title-making question is directly answered in first speech by some of the more focused artists, who also get the final pages as quick portfolios, giving some analysis on their most notorious works.

It’s a well organized book (it had to be, considering the topic) and it efficiently offers a nice glimpse on the uses of graphic design as a conveyor of messages and dynamics, also explaining the designer-public and designer-client relations with various perspectives.
It could have gone more deep in some aesthetic concepts and issues, which would have made this edition more theoretical in a way, but more complete to someone who’s picking it up from zero like me.

AMAZON LINK (This is the english edition, the picture on the top is from the portuguese one)


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  1. 1 Limpa Vias 17 March, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    You got yourself a fancy blog! 😉

    Bom blog, leitor assiduo, keep posting!

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