BULLETPROOF: The lost files – 1

Maybe some of you know, maybe some of you don’t, but I had an hardcore band that ended last year called Bulletproof.

We only recorded one demo, City Chronicles, which didn’t even got officially edited, so most of our material only got played live and some stuff didn’t even made the shows before the band ended. I feel like we had some kids that really felt our music and  words (what up Hermano!), so I’m releasing some of my forgotten lyrics through here, as a way to honor the band and to get rid of some old writings and demons.

I’m calling this new posts  BULLETPROOF: The lost files, but I’m not creating a specific category, so look them under the “whatever” link.

First lyric up is The Ice Age is Coming.  I think we played this song a couple of times live…the guys from the band never got it, but the title of this song was my second small theft to Give Up the Ghost (the first was actually a theft to The Trouble, but I only discovered it was a cover later, on the also homonymous title “Dead And Gone”, one of our oldest tracks, but that lyric is on my former band’s myspace).

I only stole the title of the song, but somehow it was a personal way to pay tribute to one of my favorite lyricists, Wes Eisold, and make a very poor and unrealistic parallelism to his lyrics.

So here it is, The Ice Age is Coming:

I’ve been down before but never out
Kept my mind focused but had my doubts
Done my deals without thinking green
Too fucking greed is all I’ve seen
Iced my heart till blood runs blue
I have only beliefs to hold true
In frozen times I made my shell
Trying to find strength where some meet hell

Tired of hate filling my heart
My luck is changing, I’m done with mourning

Listen up bitches and fakes
I’m comin’ through I’m raising the stakes
Got me fucked now pay the price
I’m raising hell through thin ice

I’m raising hell.


1 Response to “BULLETPROOF: The lost files – 1”

  1. 1 ruben aka pescas 19 March, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    é pena voçês não voltarem, eram uma banda que sempre gostei e sempre que podia vos ia ver ao vivo.

    tá brutal a letra.

    ema grande abraço


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