BULLETPROOF: The lost files – 2

Thought ’bout dropping another lyric while I prepare some other major contents for the blog.

This time I bring you Sleeping with Vampires, my most infamous track title ever ahah. It really took me a while to make the boys understand the content of this song, and specially it’s title…it didn’t seem to fit in all the hardcore stereotypes (the hard band with the in-your-face-simple-song-titles) and that was it’s main purpose as a title.
You should never be restricted by words, words set you free. It’s the people, the music and the message that defines a band, not what’s generally/socially accepted in it’s genre. Talk ’bout whatever you feel, name songs with words that really define their contents.

Anyway, this is probably my favorite lyric from the songs we got to play live….it was written like 3 years ago, and it was based on a girl I used to know. It’s full of metaphors and hidden meanings, so I hope you catch the relation with the title (hint: vampires don’t have a reflection, and their bodies are cold since they are not exactly living beings lol).

Sleeping with Vampires

You claim to do whatever you want
You’re just doing whatever they say
Disease of modern times
These days are like a tape on replay
Why still do the things you hate?
Making wrong choices and call it fate
Lost summers searching for difference
To end up like everyone else

Swallowed by a dream of lies
Drowning in a pool of cries

Right next to you there’s someone you call “friend”
His hands are cold, he’s just here for the trend
Look out the window of your domain
What you became? A PIECE OF THE CHAIN!
Pick up your brain
It’s been too long on the hold
You can still think
Though they say you’ve “grown old”
They suck you in like black holes, holes!
Need to wake up before they steal your soul!

Been losing track OF YOUR OWN GAME
The mirror shows WHAT YOU BECAME
Now you see things WITH YOUR OWN EYES
You’ve been in places WHERE ALL HOPE DIES


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