Sights & Sounds

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Editor: Randy Frykas. On vimeo it says the video was made from over 3000 black and white 35mm film stills…that’s hard work.

This band proves again that good musicians can go through different styles.

Comeback Kid‘s singer Andrew Neufeld hooked up with his brother some time ago to form Sights & Sounds, and although they took ages to come out with new tracks, they did it with great material.
Thank you Andrew, I can finally say again, since the days of Figure Four, that I like your voice. And if you haven’t figured out yet: yes don’t like CBK with his voice, the band should have ended when Scott left. Period.

But Sights & Sounds really delivers that hard hitting rock, with the right influences of melodic hardcore and the right dosage of guitar layers induced from more instrumental and old school stuff. The debut album, Monolith is coming out May 26 on Smallman Records, be ready for it.

The new songs on their myspace have been playing on repeat the whole weekend. And I owe it all to The Light Between Hardcore E-Zine and this interview of Jay Pepito from Reign Supreme (very worth reading) for reminding me of this nice band.



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