BULLETPROOF: The lost files – 3

Out of Track was written when I started paying more attention to hip-hop lyrics.

By that time, I was listening to a lot of Ghostface Killah and was amazed by his storytelling songs and wanted to do something similar with my own touch. Instrumentally, this was the first song heavily influenced by Kolde, our second guitar player and the only additional member to the initial formation of the band.

I gotta admit that in the beginning of the composing process of this song I didn’t like it. It was to metal, sounded too much like bands that I’m not that much into…still today I don’t like the intro part ahah. I’m generally always the guy who has critics to everything, so it took a while to grow on me.
But it did, and then I realized it was the perfect song to explore a darker side of myself and give use to that storytelling lyric I was trying to write.

So the lyric is a story built on 50% my imagination and 50% my own experiences and/or the experiences of people close to me.

I didn’t want just to tell a story, I intended it to have a moral ending, a light in the dark, something the kids could learn from, and that’s why I still think the last 12 lines are probably the best shit I ever wrote…not my favorite though, cause it’s really heavy stuff and I’m usually not that negative when it comes to my writings.
Oh, and I made the mistake of using rhyme structures very identical to hip-hop, forgetting it was meant for fast music…so I ended up getting out of breath on stage every time we played this song lol.

Out of Track

Shame on him for fooling himself
Look around wishing to be somewhere else
So much filth so much hate in this world
Bodies like drugs in the streets are sold
People live and die for the fucking gold
Met you when he was nearly broke
Alone in the streets dealing coke
So kind in his words you thought was a joke

He gave you a place to call home
Took you out of that dirty hole
He gave you a thing to call yours
A place where there were no closed doors
He gave you a face to wake up everyday
He made your pain all go away
You bitch did nothing in return
Drained all his life and watched him burn

And he
Wasted time trying to make a plan B
Caught in the web, like a fucking flee
Wasted breath on fairy tales
To realize love always fails

You never lose what you never share
Just understand the world is not fair
Be a player son learn from mistakes
Master the game, strain the snakes
Never look back never feel shame
Cause we all end up the same
Make sure pain is your middle name
So you don’t suffer for your aims

Long live those who kill all hope, hoping to never love again
Long live those who kill all fear, fearing to ever fail again


1 Response to “BULLETPROOF: The lost files – 3”

  1. 1 limpa_vias 21 April, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    fdx curti tanto destas lyrics! Vi Bulletproof umas 3 ou 4x só, e lembrar-me vivamente só prai dum show na casa amarela numa SbS, e outro no Culto com Omited e SYC (i guess). Tenho pena de não ter acompanhado a banda mais de perto!

    Anyway, granda post este!

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