K-os is larger than hip-hop. Or maybe, if we look at things the other way around, maybe he is one of the few contemporaneous artists that keep doing what hip-hop was set out to do in the first place: gather pieces from other music styles, blend them all together and break music boundaries, always sounding fresh and unique.

This rapper/songwriter/producer from Canada does all the things mentioned above with overall quality and an amazing notion of melody and songwriting. And he gets my respects for remaining uncategorized and once again making an album that didn’t disappoint me.

At first audition, Yes! feels different, even for K-os.
In his previous effort, Atlantis: Hymns For Disco, the influence of  pop was notorious. Although he still managed to pick up stuff from many other places and throw some pretty raw hip-hop tracks in between,  as the name itself revealed,  it seemed more like a pop-rock record, but in a good way.
On Yes! there is a development of this “popish” influence but with more electronics, more unexpected beats…right on the first track, “Zambony”, an excellent opener, the listener realizes he’s up for a slightly different journey. And surprisingly there is also more rap in this record, leaving the singing mainly to the chorus parts.

But this is no ordinary rapper, so expect an album with a random flow and very different tracks, where the guitar, and sometimes the synthesizers, act as conductors to the experimentalism of both fast rhymes and great singing lines. In a way, this record made me think a bit of Q-Tip, maybe because it is slightly more hip-hop than the previous one…but overall it reminded me that good music doesn’t always need to fit a category.

Below I leave you with the first single, not the best choice in my opinion, but definitely one of the most catchy songs you will get from the record.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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