The Wave

Could something like the Third Reich happen in our actual times?

That’s the question that drives this thought-provoking german movie. A classroom experience about autocracy reaches dangerous proportions and unveils some dramatic truths behind the misconceptions of community and discipline.

It’s a sociological movie, where you can see the different social roles that could emerge from individuals in a situation like this. The only bad move in terms of storyline and directing is in my opinion the end. There was no need for such drama to get the whole idea out there.
The fact that it is a german production was also a nice surprise…it’s a very conscious and courageous perspective to the theme of nazism, considering the country still has many issues with that part of their History.

After some research about the movie, I discovered the most fascinating fact: it was based on real events that took place in Palo Alto, California. Read more about it here.

“Educational institutions weed out troublemakers and those who are difficult to teach, (…) rewarding placid students who want to succeed at any cost and will accept authority.

(…) It happens every day in school, only the paraphernalia isn’t there.  Kids aren’t learning to ask questions.  You create a population where freedom’s just a spelling word.”

Very interesting indeed, and a bit scary to know that something like this actually happened so easily.



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