Mark Dean Veca

Yeah you got it, it’s another post ’bout an artist. Let’s call it the “art week” over here at the blog ahah.

I’m not even gonna be pretentious to the point of writing about the work of this guy..I saw this documentary of one of his most famous installations, Phantasmagoria, some months ago, and I don’t quite know why I didn’t post it on the blog right away, but when I recognized that same exhibition on Fecal Face, I knew I had to post the original video:

Brutal work. No words for it really. It’s like you’re watching graffiti and paintings and illustration and a lot of other cool stuff melting into something completely gigantic…
Then, as I was saying, I recognized Phantasmagoria on a short video on Fecal Face. Actually the video was produced by another site, also new to me, Jetset Graffiti, and reveals a brief reflexion of the artist about the influences and techniques that gave life to this particular installation. Watch bellow:

And just on a quick run through his website I found out more amazing artworks, like these:

Artists like Mark make me want to gather some bucks and open up a gallery over here in Portugal.
I think people need to see more stuff like this to really understand how creative and hardworking human beings can be, and how they can commit to projects concerning their own lives and do something bigger and better than they ever imagined.



2 Responses to “Mark Dean Veca”

  1. 1 vanessa 13 May, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    grande rei o sr. mark,trabalho brutal,cores brutais… mesmo abuso!

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