BULLETPROOF: The lost files – 4

Finally I’m posting something that never really got out to the public.

This was one of the last lyrics I got to rehearse with the boys.
It was supposed to be a different track, more down tempo, kinda like a mellow out song…it’s a simple lyric, talking ’bout hardcore and life in general…about finding your true self through hardships, and getting to know your true place amongst what you really feel like yours.
It’s kinda like my version of a Comeback Kid lyric or something like that…I got mixed feeling with this one, it’s kinda like an unfinished business cause we never finished that track.

By this time I think you already realized that I filter many influences into everything I do, and I’m not ashamed of  calling them out, that’s what walking the footprints our heroes have done means. And if you think CBK is a weird influence considering the later sound of Bulletproof, let me remind you our first cover was All In a Year by that same very band (although we only played it like 2 or 3 times).

The Time Has Come

“Run fast and don’t look back”
Your head is tired, the night goes black
Passing by these fucked up places
You’ve seen this kids you’ve seen this faces
Keep going with no reason at all
Can you still make it for the last call?

So many times you’ve got it all wrong
Looking around knowing you don’t belong
So many sewers you’ve crawled in
As memories buried under your skin
But they’re fading fast into the night
As you take back the will to fight

We’re taking back the words gone for so long
Walking the footprints our heroes have done
And if your life ended before the dawn


P.S.: The title is a bit lame, it was provisory but since it was never really finished I kept it like this.


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