Double Y

Not all movies are good, but that doesn’t mean some of them aren’t worth watching.
Tonight I bring you 2 reviews from movies that didn’t really impress me, however I consider them to be relevant enough to write about.


This is one of those flicks where you watch the trailer and say “hum…interesting” and then you go see the movie and say “this is nothing like they showed in the trailer!” ahah.

It’s a confusing story right from the beginning…the action is divided between two parallel universes: present-day London and a retro-futuristic fantasy place called Meanwhile City, where religion is not an option but an obligation and a way for the government to control the population.
The problem with this film is that it blends too much stuff into the same characters and plays with the audience for too long, in an inglorious effort to convey a message through the intersection of the main characters only at the end…when the director finally connects the pieces of the puzzle and offers the viewer his supposedly thoughtful conclusion, the interest is already gone.

But anyhow it’s a decent film. The cinematography it’s probably it’s weakest point, but the acting from the beautiful Eva Green makes it all endurable. If you liked The Fall (which I reviewed months ago) for it’s duality in the storyline, you may somehow enjoy this one.


On a completely different scale when compared to Franklyn, but maintaining a lot of british actors in the cast (which right away extracts a bit of the reality from the entire film), Valkyrie fails to deliver the suspense which this conspiracy thriller needed to became more than just a fact-based movie.
From History classes, everyone already knows that the plan to assassinate Hitler didn’t succeed, so the director had to deliver some emotion, some thrills…the entertainment in my opinion was crucial to help the development of the plot, because the ending was clear from the beginning.
But there’s little emotion (Tom Cruise doesn’t help, he tried but he was an error in casting) and the suspense just isn’t enough to keep the flow of the movie…the parts where Hitler appears on scene seem forced, with a soundtrack that reminds more of a Dracula’s too much, it doesn’t feel natural.

But don’t think this is an unwatchable movie, quite the contrary…it competently delivers the facts and does a very detailed description of the era, with very decent directing, costume design and just lacks some intensity in the most crucial scenes, and it could have been done in a more thought provoking way. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in WWII History and the feel curious about the Nazi Germany, this is a movie for you.



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