Soul 2 Sole

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Created by: David Park

You just gotta love this video! At least if you’re into sneakers ahah.

Just the other day, as I was having a discussion with a friend about my exaggerated (according to her) amount of sneakers, I realized that my notions of fashion come largely from the way I educate myself.
Taste can be educated too, and therefore suffer changes, and talking to someone who doesn’t really get the concept of expressing codes/symbolisms/knowledges through your clothing, and cherishing fashion items because you know their general history/meaning, made me realize that you can only like what you understand (at least partially).

When I did an essay about hip-hop as a subculture and its impact on various levels of society and mainstream culture for one of my classes, one of the most important aspects I focused was the expression of individual and communitarian ideas and symbolisms through fashion. I think somehow I stuck with that concept, and the readings I did about the theme in general, and today I can say I love the video on the top of this post cause I understand the feelings and the meanings behind it, although I wasn’t part of that era.

First seen at DFLEKTOR Blog.


1 Response to “Soul 2 Sole”

  1. 1 LiMpA_ViAs 22 May, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Man a sério, adorei mesmo este teu post! Tenho msm pena de nao ter mais dinheiro para comprar os tenis que quero. Entre Adidas Classic, Stan Smith, Clyde, Dunk-Low, Air 90 já fui tendo uns clássicos, mas tenho msm pena de nao ter dinheiro para poder ter mais!

    Curtia ler um ou dois desses essays que falaste neste post!

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