Means to an End

“Give your best till the very last second
Believe your heart till the very last step”

Two weekends ago this EP got to my hands through the band itself (thanks guys, much love), and since I’ve been into the sound of these boys right since from their Hard to Break demo, I was eager to listen to the new stuff and find out the differences.

The artwork is definitely the first thing that catches the eye. The notion of minimalism and overall concept brought by the unique blue tone makes it a very decent release just by looking at it…one can’t obviously disregard the similarities to the Outlive album by Guns Up! (which by the way was the first vinyl LP I ever bought), but the guys from Step Back delivered their own touch on it.

Regarding the 6 tracks of this release, again Guns Up!, or should I say No Warning, are the first 2 bands that come to my mind. But it’s old news, since these influences were acknowledged by the band since the beginning.
They set it off with a strong and well structured first track, nice intro, nice mosh part. The second track is completely stolen vocally by the participation of Congas from For The Glory, but overall it’s a nice collab. Same thing can’t be said about the other vocal feature, in the last track of the EP, impersonated by Justin Scholsberg from Hell Is For Heroes…I get the idea of ending things with a nice soft touch, but his singing just sounds awkward and unfitted.
The remaining tracks sound good and deliver a great flow throughout this short release, specially Pursuit, my favorite song on the record.

Generally it’s safe to say Step Back show the right evolution in this EP. Nuno’s voice became more expressive and heartfelt comparing to the previous release, and the overall structure of the songs is more objective and stylized. They still need to mature their sound and grow out of the GU!/NW influences, but considering the short life of the band I can say they are showing great commitment to do so with this EP.
The only really bad thing I have to say is about the production. The first time I heard it in Daniel‘s car I was like “dude, where’s the bass?”, and it sounded that way too in my own car! Although it sounds pretty good on a computer with headphones on, overall the production lacks power…it sounds a bit like an old hardcore record from the mid 80’s or something. Congas says in the review over at  his zine that the drums lack intensity too, but besides the low volume  (or soft hitting) of the snare, I don’t agree with him.

Thanks again for the EP guys, and it was great to share the stage with you for the cover. Guns Up! is love, but SB! definitely knows ahah ;).


2 Responses to “Means to an End”

  1. 1 limpa_vias 25 May, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    Boa review sim sr!

    Kero ver a banda de novo kuando aki tokarem em lafoes novamente!

  2. 2 vanessa 25 May, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    oh yeah estou a pensar seriamente em adquirir este produto 😉
    cada vez mais gosto do som deles e dos concertos que têm dado!

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