The International

(International) Conspiracy thrillers are overdone.
With that said, the only reason I watched this movie was for the actors. Clive Owen and Naomi Watts both seem to never disappoint me on their choices for main roles, and unsurprisingly they haven’t done it this time neither.

Technically, this movie is very well done, that was the first thing that impressed me right in the first 30 something minutes.
It was a style of his own: the panoramic scenes, the big and architectonic buildings, the changes of scenery and landscapes…all meant to give us the impression of greatness, of something really bigger than life. The script is also very consistent, many lines from the main dialog scenes can be straight quoted and make those perfect life-defining (and many times content-empty) sentences, and overall the plot is not that predictable and gives us some small twists.

This movie offers us everything we want in this kind of thrillers, but the main idea I got from it was that it didn’t cross the border of reality. There is no perfect and idealistic ending, there is no true heroic act from the main character…this movie is the closest a fictional story can get to the actual reality, cause it doesn’t try to solve all problems and make everything right in the end.

The International teaches the viewer 2 things: the system protects itself, and never fuck with the italians. Recommended to everyone who seeks competent entertainment.




1 Response to “The International”

  1. 1 vanessa 1 June, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    agora despertou o interesse, principalmente em relaçao ás partes dos dialogos, uma coisa que conta muito nos filmes, bons dialogos e frases power!

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