Love & War

This week I finished reading the classic book The Art of War by Sun Tzu.
I had high expectations for this book, considering its importance in the world of business and management and the huge amount of people that refer to it as a very resourceful book and life-changing reading…but I was kinda disappointed.
Of course you can interpret many of Tzu’s knowledges and import them into a business perspective, and even apply many of the war strategies to your own life, but for me it’s necessary to put this book into context and realize that it was written as a tactical manual for war, that’s the objective of the whole thing. It’s not gonna rearrange your whole business or life if you cannot update the main ideas and mutate them into concrete actions.

Nevertheless, it’s an excellent reading and can be very useful to inspire your soul if you’re entering in any kind of competition or dispute, or just managing a team of collaborators in work. As for me, it made me think of overall strategies to conquer battles in my own life, and that’s why I recomend it to anyone.

On a different issue, I also got the new Mos Def album, The Ecstatic, and my ears have been making love with it the whole day…such a good album.
The production is eclectic, goes all around the world for samples and influences and brings us very diversity on the beats. Whether it is the soft and jazzy stuff or the hard-hitting old school percussion based beats, none feels boring or out of place. Mos changes his flow constantly, does  his very personalized singing, and even has a whole track in spanish…oh and Slick Rick has a guest appearance too! In an era where everyone gets Lil Wayne or Kanye to sing some gibberish on their tracks, Mos brings up Slick Rick. The Ruler’s back ahah!

Do yourself a favor and hear this album. You can dislike hip-hop, but it’s very hard to dislike good music.The record comes out June 9th, but you can always download it anywhere on the web ;).




1 Response to “Love & War”

  1. 1 Tim 5 June, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    Mos Def é boss, e o Sun Tzu tb…

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