When I started this interview thing, I made some sort of oath to always approach new people that I found interesting due to the content of their blogs. Whether I already know the person behind the words or not, the important thing for me is always to get to know more about the bloggers and to talk about their projects and motivations.

That’s exactly what I set out to to with this new interview with Timóteo (better known as Tim, or the vegetarian dude from the Iron Skulls videos ahah), the blogger from Zombaria Insultuosa. With his relatively new blog and a very incisive style of writing, he managed to capture my attention with a clever mix between sociocultural critics and satires, artist features,  and overall literature/film reviews.
I guess that, in a way, we have some similarities in both our blogs: we talk about things that have an impact on us. But his style is what gives the blog a different and peculiar touch, and was also the main reason for me wanting to know him better.

And so, for the 7th time in this blog, I leave you with the words and thoughts of Tim, the blogger from Zombaria Insultuosa:

Typical question: why Zombaria Insultuosa (Insulting Mockery)?
T: Well, that’s a story with gray hair…long time ago, when I was studying the medieval mock songs at Portuguese class (I don’t know if it can be said that way), I found those two words, “zombaria insultuosa”, in some texts about that issue, and at that moment I thought that was a cool thing to put as my e-mail, and then later as my blog name.
You know, I was one of those kids who just mock on everything and are always kidding. I even made some stupid techno songs mockering on my teachers, I was called Dj Cabeça de Garrafão [Demijohn Head]. So, when I found those words, I thought “well, that’s for me”. No big theory behind it, sorry.

What’s the latest objective you’ve accomplished? (personal, professional, whatever)
T: Hum, I don’t know…I’ve been reading a lot, that’s one thing that I can consider an objective…I’m producing music more than I ever did. I’m in a nice relationship and I’ve had some professional promotions…

Best restaurant you ever ate on?
T: Probably Oriente. Actually yesterday I went to a nice Nepalese restaurant, called Annapurna, which pleased me a lot.

It’s Sunday and there’s nothing to do, any original idea?
T: It never happens with me…I’ve always got so much things to do, this 24 hours are so unfair…anyway, take a walk to a nice place, I love to stay with nature, that’s one thing that really makes me feel peaceful and happy, so probably it would be that.

Your favorite band.
T: I don’t have a favorite band. There are bands or artists that I listen more usually, but I don’t have a favorite band. It depends on the mood.

What brought you to the blogging world?
T: A job where sometimes I get bored because have nothing to do (answering this interview right now proves that)…So I decided to start the blog, you know, just to write some things that come across my mind.
Actually I had a blog once, with a friend, long time ago. Some “we’re young teens full of humor” kind of texts were posted, but the whole thing died past some few months.

On your blog you express various critics to different dimensions of human life and/or society; you’ve even made a category out of it. Do you consider yourself a person with a very critic outlook on everything, or is it something you think it’s natural and should be part of us all?
Well, yeah, I think I’m a person with a critic outlook, but not in a judging-others way.
Maybe the things I say sometimes seems like I’m pointing fingers, but it’s not true. Maybe sometimes I’m just writing to myself, or just trying to overcome some things I see on my life.
But yeah, people are really sleeping nowadays, everybody is so focused on their lives and don’t pay attention to the rest of the world. Nobody cares about what’s going on with their neighbors…some people don’t even care about what’s going on within their family and friends, and that’s just sad…Everybody is trying to be original, but they don’t even realize that they are just following the flock, and forget to improve themselves as human beings.
That’s why society is so degraded; we’re not thinking as one, it’s every man for himself…No good values, no love, no consciousness…
I don’t know if it should be a part of us all, but people should at least be more aware about the things that surround their lives, that’s for sure.

Name three timeless books that are absolutely essentials on any shelf.
T: For me: Holy Bible, Le Petit Prince and A Moveable Feast.

I had the chance to get to know other of your musical projects besides Reality Slap through your blog, and I was surprised by their differences in relation to hardcore, and by the apparent easiness with which you move yourself in this other “worlds”. How did you accomplish so different productions such as Letargia and Dirty Dawgz? Do you consider yourself a somehow eclectic dude when it comes to music?
I’m completely eclectic about music. At one moment I can be listening to traditional Hebrew music and next listen to Entombed or something like that…So I never get bored listening to music, never. And I’m always interested in knowing different types of music, not just listen, but also know their history, know the roots. That’s why I have so different musical tastes, and that’s reflected directly on the music I like to do.
I’ve been producing some electronic music since I was really a kid, started with hip-hop and some jungle, but never wanted to improve myself, it was just fun, pure fun. I’d never show much of my stuff to anyone.
Nowadays it’s also about fun, but I want to improve my skills and became a better producer/musician.  Being it metal/hardcore/breakbeat/whatever, I always want to be involved with music, I love to play, to produce music, it’s just part of me.

Besides your alternative music projects, you also started an independent record label, that has already some stuff released in the portuguese hardcore scene, right? Can you explain in few words how was the process of creating Right And Wrong Records and how it is to run something like that?
T: Well, it’s not really a big thing. The idea to start a label came out since I got more involved with the hardcore scene. Last year I was recording, in a very naive and rudimentary way, the demo of the band called Ghostdown, and I thought I could try to get it out on a limited tape edition. It was how it started. After that I listened to Reality Slap, and I was like “yeah I wanna edit this on tape” and it was made a press of the demo. Later they invited me to play with them, cool. Both demos were sold well, so yeah that’s nice. I don’t have much time, and I have to set priorities, so this is just a side thing…you know…but if I had time, I would be sending out more stuff with the label.

Do you think there is potential in portuguese hardcore? Kinda like, if you had more means (a.k.a. money), would you release stuff from many of the national bands that have emerged in the last couple of years?
T: I think the Portuguese scene is getting better. I see so much kids in the shows, a lot of new faces. And there are good bands around. I think we’re on great time right now. If you’ve noticed, in the last two years a lot of new bands came out, new promoters, new gigs, new kids, etc…that’s really cool.
The only HUGE thing that is always against us, is our location. I’m pretty sure, if Portugal was in central Europe, our scene would be the best around. You know, when I listen to some bands from other countries, actually hype bands,  I realize “man, we have better than this in Portugal”, why are we so underrated? Why don’t people pay attention? Yeah, this is Portugal, Europe’s tail, even if we have the greatest band in the world, it wouldn’t change…that’s the eternal problem.
But locally I think things run pretty tight, and the scene is growing. If I could, of course I would like to take the label to an higher level, and just keep on working, putting out a lot of records, help Portuguese bands, but that’s kind of impossible to me right now.
Well if I could pay my bills with the label, I’m pretty sure I would be living 100% on that.

What drives you in life? (legs or means of transportation not accepted as an answer)
T: My beliefs and convictions, my friends and family, and Music.

Feel free to express yourself, last thoughts or whatever:
Thanks for your invitation, that was cool! I wrote a poem last night dedicated to your blog, but i’m too shy to publish it. Sorry…

Well, take care and keep it on!




  1. 1 Angela 9 June, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    GO TIM!!!!!! nicest interview!!!!!!!

  2. 2 vanessa 9 June, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    grande tim!!
    gostei da entrevista =)

  3. 3 limpa vias 9 June, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    curti da entrevista sim sr! adoro a escrita do zombaria!

  4. 4 limpa vias 10 June, 2009 at 8:12 am

    lolol mas acredita k o sentimento foi precisamente esse, o d um puto a ver tudo pela 1ª x e a ficar maravilhado. desde 2002/2003 fui a milhentos concertos, ouvi pilhas de albuns e EP’s, mas pah estar ali no “behind the scene” a ver as cenas serem feitas de raiz, foi mesmo 1ªx k s proporcionou e axei tudo um mundo novo e fantastico lolol.

    By the way, ou eu m engano mto ou fazes anos hoje ahah, mais tarde mandarei a devida msg 😉 entretanto aki fikam votos d feliz aniversario! =]

  1. 1 Pay Attention! #4 « WALKtheWALK Trackback on 8 March, 2010 at 9:43 pm

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