Banksy vs. Bristol Museum

I’m not the biggest connoisseur of Banksy nor his work, but I find it amazing, every time I see something from him, I’m stoked.
The diversity and the social critic present in all his work is probably what makes is still so relevant and talked about everywhere, from the streets to the art galleries.

I really would like to come and visit this new exhibition…some have called him a sellout for producing stuff for galleries and making a lot of money from his commercialized work, but I don’t really judge art, being it street or not, by the place where it is exposed or the bucks the artist makes with it…after all, the streets  make the hustler, and Banksy is on some other shit, this trailer is the proof of it.

First seen, as usual, at Wooster Collective.


2 Responses to “Banksy vs. Bristol Museum”

  1. 1 vanessa 15 June, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    banksy é so dos melhores. e isso de expor a street art nao é problema algum,pelo menos na minha opiniao.o que é bom é para se ver e para dar a conhecer.

  2. 2 m a r i a 16 June, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    Banksy é o master

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