All good in the hood

“And it’s still all good”

Today I went for a walk around my neighborhood.
I had to do some shopping at the local mall, so I decided to leave the car in the garage and just take the longest way there.

I grabbed my old mp3 player (that I got back a while ago, props Maozinhas!), put on some  Oathbreaker and some De La Soul and went through the streets in a sunny afternoon. It’s stupid how I started moving everywhere by car after I got my ride and became such a lazy ass…just by walking around in a slow pace, seeing the little kids play in the streets and the dogs chasing cars I remembered so much stuff…when you drive around you don’t get such a feeling.

It’s also intriguing how everyday you hear and read ’bout the crisis and the economy all fucked up and everything, but still, in the streets you see the same faces, the same careless people just doing themselves, living their lives…either it is the niggas on the corner rolling the joint or the old fellas talking ’bout the latest football news.
To these people there is no crisis, and if there is one, it’s someone else’s problem. Down in the hood, the “crisis” is just ordinary life.

Stop and chill out for a second people.
It’s good to be alive, it’s good to enjoy small and simple moments like a walk down the street with your shopping bags, or some other moments with your loved ones…maybe that’s one thing everyone keeps forgetting when they drive to their jobs everyday all stressed out.
Or maybe it’s just me being naive, cause I don’t even need a job right now to keep myself occupied. But I’m finishing my degree tomorrow..that’s good news for sure.

Anyway, just some piece of mind. Listen to the new Darkest Hour album, good metal music.


1 Response to “All good in the hood”

  1. 1 25 June, 2009 at 12:04 am

    Sabes bem…adoro passear com um bom som no ouvido. Parece que deixa de existir tudo o resto. És so tu a tua musica e as ruas por onde andas! Bruto. Que se dane a crise eu quero é que chillouz.

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