Revolutionary Road

What happens when you feel trapped inside your own life, and all your dreams and ambitions seem to be too far away to reach them?

This movie explores the frustration and fragility of the human condition when encapsulated in the suburban lifestyle of the american dream in the mid-50’s, and slowly reveals us how marriage can be a hard place, in a very softly critic perspective (it couldn’t be any other way, since the director/producer was Sam Mendes, already famous for his other movie American Beauty).

I could really relate to the characters, specially Kate Winslet and Michael Shannon, who do a terrific job, but one of the things that mostly caught my attention were the indoor scenes inside the Wheelers house.
Those scenes felt claustrophobic, as if the house itself was a character and kept pushing things to the limit…really a great directing on this movie, very subtle but precise and intelligent on passing the right emotions to the viewer.

“If being crazy means living life as if it matters, then I don’t care if we’re completely insane. Do you?”




1 Response to “Revolutionary Road”

  1. 1 limpa_vias 29 June, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    ahah parabens entao mano. So Drs isto agora lololol 🙂

    Quanto ao filme, continuo a dizer que vale essencialmente pelas interpretações que tornam a cena bem real e intensa. Ainda assim, nao foi filme que me tenha motivado por aí alem.

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