I came across this film following a recommendation from my homeboy Mauro, who told me this was a shocking movie with a different style of directing and the acting of the beautiful Monica Bellucci. It was enough to get me interested.

Considering I’ve already seen some pretty twisted shit on movies, and explicit violence is really no big deal to me, I took his recommendation lightly and watched the film with low expectations. What a surprise I got…

First of all, I didn’t like Irréversible, but I can’t find a particular reason why I got such a bad feeling from it. It sure wasn’t for the technical details.
The movie sickened me, played with my overall conceptions of portrayed violence on film, and most of all, it just felt wrong.

The story is told backwards, in a reverse-chronological order, that’s the whole premise of the film, and probably what makes it interesting in terms of style. You literally see the events in a reverse order, attached to each others like pieces, like in a collage. It seems very confusing in the beginning, but then starts to make sense after some scenes …and right from the start you get a murder scene, and later a raping scene, which is the catalyst for the whole plot…both scenes are shot in a very explicit and real way, with the clear intention to shock the audience and make people sick to their stomach, and, in part, they fulfilled that objective with me.

And then everything slowly starts to chill…and you see the main characters in their natural environments, before all the horror and the pain…as if the director wanted you to feel good in the end, thinking everything you saw before was just a bad dream…but the bad sensations haunt you, cause you’ve seen what’s gonna happen, you know the past is not real anymore.

It’s a very interesting exercise, as a viewer this was one of the most fascinating movies I’ve seen lately, specially in therms of aesthetics…but it leaves you with a bitter taste, a bad feeling, and that’s why I only recommend it to people who are really into different stuff and are not afraid of seeing violence.

Life is fragile and time really destroys everything. Those are my final thoughts about this experience…and now I feel compelled to see all the other movies by Gaspar Noé.


TRAILER (unfortunately in spanish)


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